On entry to the club house you will need to enter your details in the book.or if using the new NHS App you can scan the Q Code situated on the desk next to the book


Hand sanitizer is also available on entry and exit.


The two-metre distancing rule will also be relaxed to one. It is being dubbed '1m-plus'. In venues where two metres isn't possible, customers may sit one metre apart so long as measures are put into place. We have reduced the amount of chairs and tables within the clubhouse to comply. No one is allowed to stand or sit around the bar. With social distancing in mind you may drink outside the club.


In order to make things safer it has been agreed drinks will be served by the bottle (Not Draught) and plastic glasses will be made available and all these to be disposed of in the bin supplied. For payment we do encourage the use of our IZETTLE card machine which is contactless for up to £45 per transactions now.


We also advise that the club doors be kept open fully to allow adequate ventilation to flow through the club.


These new rules allow customers to sit and enjoy their pints on-site (though not at the bar) from July 4.


The Book is there as a temporary record of all our members/customers on site for 21 days so those who visit can be contacted if there has been a localised outbreak of Covid-19 and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.


This could help contain clusters or outbreaks.'


“Understandably, this comes with a responsibility to do so safely and responsibly in line with the government’s guidance. We are urging all club members to follow the rules so that they can keep themselves, other members and bar staff safe.


At the end of the session the person who opens the bar must wipe down all surfaces and till and put the plastic sack with any bottles and plastic glasses into the bin in the driveway making sure the bar is clean and ready for the next session.




Stay Safe

Martin Dene Tennis Club is one of those hidden little gems situated on the South side of Bexleyheath. With it's cosy 3 courts and charming clubhouse, Martin Dene remains a magical oasis in the area and it all started back in 1935 by just a small group of friends who loved tennis. 2020 and Martin Dene continues to be one of those special clubs that offers a friendly warm welcoming membership. It breaks the mould of other multi sports venues and a much easier chance to play whatever your level, be it beginner, refresher or at the top of the game. All are welcome to what is wonderful family friendly environment. "Having been a member for many years I have seen many changes in this time. These past years have seen the club reborn with new life and I can honestly say I think we have one of the best clubs in Kent. OK so I may be biased. Being a member of Martin Dene is one to be envied in Kent." We are currently in hard times with the Corona Virus hitting our planet. I ask all our members to keep safe and stay well. We shall ride this storm and I look forward to seeing you all back on court as soon as it is possible. Malcolm
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