Martin Dene LTC


Regulations Governing Play


1 LTA Rules

1.1 Except where otherwise specifically provided, the rules of lawn tennis shall be the regulations of the club regarding play.


2 Dress

2.1 No one shall play on the courts unless wearing usual tennis dress. Dress shall be predominantly white and must be in any case recognised tennis wear. Shoes must be white, with rubber soles. Training shoes with ridged soles must not be worn. Tracksuits may be worn in inclement weather and during the winter. The general committee may vary this regulation at its discretion but its decision shall be final.


3 Closing of the Courts

3.1 The courts may be closed, or their use restricted, by the general committee for the purpose of matches with other clubs, club tournaments or for any form of repairs or maintenance. Wherever possible, advance notice of such closure or restriction shall be given by means of a notice posted in the pavilion.


4 Access to Courts

4.1 Members using D (Middle) and X (Far ) courts shall at all times use the south gate to the courts. No member shall cross another court whilst play is in progress.


5 Club Play

5.1 Members shall not play more than one short set and no singles shall be commenced if they debar others from play. This regulation shall not apply to matches with other clubs or club Tournaments. Club play shall normally be mixed doubles, providing always that adherence to this regulation shall not mean that three or more players on either the ‘winners’ or ‘losers’ side of the rota board shall have to wait for a further set to be completed.


6 Smoking

6.1 Smoking on the courts or in the Club House is not permitted at any time following Government guidelines prohibiting such an act. This is enforceable by law. Smoking may be permitted outside of the Club House.


7 Times of Play


7.1 On Saturday afternoons (after 2:00pm), Sunday mornings ( except as otherwise provided below) and Bank Holidays, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after 6:30pm, members shall play in sets arranged by the ‘duty’ member(s) of the general committee ( or other ordinary playing member of the club appointed by the general committee). The rota board shall be used wherever practicable. On these occasions, members shall report their arrival for play, or on completion of a set, to the ‘duty’ member.

7.2 A member not desiring to play when requested will be regarded a having played in that set and the members name will be entered at the bottom of the list of members waiting to play.

7.3 On Sunday mornings (but not before 8:30am) there shall be a free play period whereby members may play in sets of their own choice. A second set shall not be started if another four players are waiting. Free play shall terminate at precisely 10:00am irrespective of the state of the sets.

7.4 On Saturday mornings before 12:30pm, the courts shall be allocated for junior play. If the number of junior members present is insufficient to make full use of all three courts, one court may be made available to ordinary playing members if required.



8 Club Matches & Tournaments

8.1 Matches with other recognised clubs and club tournaments shall be arranged as required by the selection and tournaments sub-committee on behalf of the general committee.

8.2 This sub-committee ( which shall consist of club captain, vice captain, and one other member of the general committee) shall be responsible for selecting teams to represent the club in all inter - club matches, and for running the annual club tournament and such other tournaments as the general committee may require.

8.3 Club tournaments shall be held during the first three weeks in May of each year, during which period all rounds up to and including the semi finals shall be completed (weather permitting). Finals will be played off one week later at the week-end.

8.4 Whenever possible, inter-club home matches shall not be arranged at times normally allocated to club play. Should a club team reach the semi final, or final round of a Kent or North Kent competition, such a match may be played on Saturdays or Sundays, at the discretion of the general committee, rather than concede home advantage.


9 Provision of Balls

9.1 Balls shall be provided for all club play, inter club matches and club tournaments. Three balls shall be provided to each court, members shall be responsible for the return to the pavilion of the balls issued to that court. Balls missing at the end of a set (if not immediately recovered) will be charged against the playing member who last struck the ball, at a rate of 50p per ball at the week-end and 25p per ball on other days.

9.2 The safe custody and issue of balls shall be the responsibility of the club captain and vice captain (or at their request another member of the general committee).


9.3 Subject to sufficient funds being available, new balls will normally be issued on Saturday afternoons at 2:00pm and on Sunday mornings at 10:00am, during the summer season. If no match balls are available, new balls may also be issued on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.

9.4 During the winter season, new balls will be provided on alternate Saturdays at 2:00pm (or more frequently at the discretion of the club captain or vice captain) and on Sunday mornings at 10:00am.

9.5 New balls will be provided for all home inter-club matches, after which they will, wherever practicable, be regarded as “new” for club play purposes. Within the bounds of this arrangement, it is the intention that the provision of new balls shall be made as equitably as possible for club play purposes.


10 Outside Tournaments

10.1 In principle, no outside tournament matches shall be allowed to be played during times of club play and club tournaments. Under no circumstances shall outside tournament matches take precedence over club members wishing to use the courts for club play purposes. However in ‘off peak’ periods, ordinary playing members ( and intermediate members ) may, at the discretion of the general committee (or its delegate), play outside tournament matches when the courts are not in use by club members. Balls for such matches shall be provided by the club members concerned and the visitor’s fees payable by members for their opponents shall be reduced by 25p per visitor.

10.2 Whilst no firm bookings can be made, any provisional arrangements shall be entered on the notice board in the pavilion.


11 Complaints

11.1 A complaint regarding play shall be made immediately to the ‘duty’ member(s) or other members of the general committee present whose decision shall be final.