*Must be of intermediate standard or above


Definitions of Court time (in priority): -

1. League/Cup competitions /Match Play & Match Training (when playing as a Martin Dene team)

2. Coaching (Wed evening/Sat morning/Perf. Sqd.)

3. Club Competition (Played in the summers months)

4. Social Play (Sun Afternoons/Thur evening)

5. Arranged Fours – Members playing as doubles take priority

6. Reserved Court – Martin Dene member playing in an LTA recognised tournament

7. Open Courts – Just turn up and play


Juniors have preference on Saturday mornings and equal standing to adults for weekday ‘open courts’ sessions but must give way to coaches, intermediates and senior members at all other times.





               A dress and conduct code is in operation at Martin Dene LTC. Please see notice boards for details. Members are requested to leave the Courts and Club House tidy at all times and return all club balls to the racks when play is finished.



         Balls are provided for: -

                                               1. League/Cup Matches(Home fixture)

                                               2. Club Competition (semi-final and Finals)

                                               3. Coaching

                                               4. Sunday Club Social Play


Members must provide own balls at all other times. Balls and other tennis accessories are available from the club shop.



          Male/female changing rooms are available with washing/toilet facilities.






Below Is a Table of Playing times at Martin Dene LTC.

Match Play


    League/Match Play                     Club Social Play