Martin Dene LTC


Club Rules


1. Name & Objective


1.1 The Club shall be called ‘Martin Dene Lawn Tennis Club’ and shall have as its objective the provision of facilities to promote participation of the whole community in the sport of tennis.


2. Membership.


2.1 The club shall consist of ordinary playing members, social members, and honorary members. The numbers in each category may be limited by the general committee from time to time.

2.2 The Youth section shall consist of Junior and Intermediate members who shall not be considered as ordinary playing members for the purposes of these rules.

2.3 The playing membership is open to all standards of tennis. Candidates must submit an application form to the secretary. In all normal circumstances submitting an application form is sufficient to confirm membership. However the General Committee may, at its discretion, review, ratify or if appropriate decline applications where the wider well being of the club may be compromised by an automatic acceptance of membership.

2.4 Honorary life vice presidents and vice presidents (of which there shall not be more than six) shall be nominated by the General Committee, such distinction to be for those who have rendered outstanding service to the club.

2.5 Honorary membership (including honorary life membership) shall be strictly limited, shall be at the discretion of the general committee and shall be by way of reward for special services to the club.

Candidates for junior membership will have reached their 10th but not their 16th birthday on 31st December immediately preceding the start of the season (younger persons may be admitted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the general committee).

Intermediate membership will be by invitation of the general committee and will be restricted to those who have at least one whole year’s membership as a junior and who will have not passed their 18th birthday immediately preceding the start of the season.

Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of Tennis as a particular sport.

The Club, may refuse membership or expel from membership only for good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against such a decision may be made to the Club's members and decide by a majority vote.


3. Management.


3.1 The entire management of the club shall be vested in the general committee, which shall consist of a president, a chairman, a deputy chairman, an honorary secretary, an honorary assistant secretary, an honorary treasurer, a Director of Tennis and eight other members (or other such number as the annual general meeting shall from year to year decide). With the exception of the president, all officers and other general committee members shall be ordinary playing members of the club.

3.11 The role of the Director of Tennis is to oversee the whole of the tennis operations of the club. This will range from coaching to overseeing the team captains in the organisation of matches. The finer points of the Director role including the technical qualifications required must be maintained in a role description which would be defined by the general committee fromtime to time and where it found fit to adjust.

3.2 The officers and other committee members shall be elected at the annual general meeting. Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded by ordinary playing members of the club. If any candidate is unable to be present at the meeting, then his nomination shall be made in writing by his proposer and seconder with assurance that the nominee is willing to serve.The elected general committee shall have power to fill vacancies occurring during the year pending the next annual general committee meeting.

3.4 The elected general committee shall ensure that the Income and Property of the Club shall be applied solely towards promoting the Club's objectives as set forth in these rules and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to Members of the Club.


4. Visitors.

4.1 Visitors may, on the introduction of the hon secretary or other ordinary playing member, be allowed to play on the terms and conditions as set down in rule 5. The member introducing a visitor must sign the entry in the visitor’s book, pay the visitors fee, and be present whilst the visitor is playing. The club will make available to the general public 1 court for 2 hours each week.

4.2 A visitor residing within 10 miles of the club may not play more than nine times a year.


5. Subscription & Visitors Fees.

5.1 The scale of subscriptions and visitors fees shall be reviewed and determined annually by the general committee.

5.2 Each member will be advised in writing of the annual subscription on or before the start of the season (1st April annually) and the scale of visitor’s fees will be posted on the club notice board.


6. Payment of Subscriptions.

6.1 Subscriptions shall be due on 1st April. Notification of subscriptions will be advised by 1st March. Members paying their subscriptions before 31st March will be entitled to a prompt payment discount, the amount of which will be decided by the general committee annually. Payment made between 1st April and 30th April will be without discount and this level of subscription will be paid by new members joining.

6.2 If any members subscription is unpaid by 30th April, his / her membership shall cease. Such a member wishing to be re-elected must pay the joining fee in addition to the non-discounted subscription due.

6.3 A member advising the general committee by 1st April of difficulty in paying the subscription due, may, at the Hon Treasurer’s discretion, be offered spread payment terms in exceptional circumstances.

6.4 A member may, if he or she wishes at the start of the season, pay his / her subscription for a period of either 5 or 10 years in advance. Such payment will be set at the annual General Meeting. The number of members who may avail themselves of this facility will be restricted to 10% of the total senior membership at any time.


7. Resignations.

7.1 A member wishing to withdraw from the club, or to alter his / her subscription for the ensuing year to a lower scale, shall give to the honorary secretary written notice of such intention on or before 25th March. Failure to do so will render the member liable for payment of the subscription.

8. Expenses.

8.1 Members shall, before leaving the ground, liquidate every expense incurred by themselves and their guests and shall, as far as possible, pay for and make good damage to the property of the club.

8.2 The general committee shall have the power to terminate membership of or suspend any member or visitor whom it considers guilty of a breach of these rules (or regulations or of misconduct or of offensive behaviour to any other member or visitor).


9. General Committee & Sub Committee

9.1 The General Committee shall meet at least four times a year and at such other times as circumstances may require.

9.2 The general committee shall elect members and make such regulations as are thought desirable. Six shall constitute a quorum. In the case of equality of votes, the chairman shall have a casting vote. The general committee may delegate any part of its duties to a sub committee appointed for a particular purpose. Such a sub committee shall comprise a majority of general committee members together with other members of the club. The honorary secretary shall be an ex-officio member of any sub committee required to handle money or authorise expenditure.

9.3 Should any question arise that is unprovided for in these rules and by the existing regulations, the general committee shall have the power to decide such questions and its decision shall be final.


10. Leasing and Borrowing Powers

10.1 The general committee shall have the power (subject to rule 11) to enter into negotiations and agreements concerning the lease of the land, buildings and equipment from the landlords. The general committee shall have the power to borrow funds for any purpose specifically authorised at a general meeting of the club.


11. General Meetings

11.1 The annual general meeting shall be held during October or November at such a place as the general committee shall arrange, to receive the general committee’s report and the honorary treasurer’s statement of accounts for the year, and to elect the officers and other members for the ensuing year.

11.2 The general committee shall call an extraordinary general meeting when any matter of urgent importance shall occur, or on receipt of a written request signed by twenty ordinary playing members of the club. For the purpose of this rule, the undertaking of any extraordinary work or purchase, the cost of which cannot be met from the ordinary resources of the club, shall be deemed a mater of urgent importance.

11.3 The honorary secretary shall send to every ordinary playing, social or honorary member at least seven days notice of any general meeting but non receipt of such notice shall not invalidate the meeting nor the procedure therat.

11.4 Any ordinary playing member wishing to propose a resolution at the annual general meeting must forward a copy therof in writing to the hon secretary not later than one week prior to the meeting.

11.5 Every ordinary playing, social or honorary member shall be entitled to be present at any general meeting. On a show of hands or ballot, every ordinary playing member shall have one vote with the exception of under-21members who are aged under 18. Intermediate and under-21 members who will be aged 18 by the start of the next calendar year will be entitled to one vote and may stand for election to the general committee (but not as officers). Any ordinary playing member may demand a ballot and twenty ordinary playing members may demand a postal referendum. In the case of equality of votes, the chairman shall have a casting vote.


12. Conduct of Bar

12.1 There shall be a bar committee which shall consist of at least 3 of the 5 (Chair, deputy chair, treasurer, secretary & tennis director) senior officers. Other members may be nominated at the annual general meeting and elected by simple majority of the core bar committee members. Members of the bar committee must be a member of the club in any capacity and be at least 21 years of age.

12.2 The supply to the club of intoxicating liquors shall be under sole control of the bar committee, who shall arrange for the purchase therof to members at such price as shall, as far as possible (after payment of excise duty and all other expenses of the bar committee) prevent any loss accuring to the club. Any profit or loss on the bar made in any one financial year shall be carried forward to the next year.

12.3 The bar committee shall cause an account of all purchases and receipts to be kept and shall in every year present a report and financial statement for the proceeding year to members at the annual general meeting.

12.4 No intoxicating liqueurs, or other articles for the sale of which a licence is required, shall be supplied to members or their guests except on the premises of the club. The permitted hours for sale of intoxicating liquor shall be such as may from time to time be fixed by the bar committee in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act (1964) as notified to the Magistrates Court and exhibited on the club notice board.

12.5 The bar committee shall, from time to time, elect its own chairman and regulate its own procedures subject only to the prior agreement of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.


13. Opening the Club

13.1 The club shall be open throughout the year except that the general committee may close the club for an extraordinary reason which makes this necessary.


14. Enforcement

14.1 The general committee shall, at its discretion, have the power to enforce or relax the strict observance of these rules except that nos 2, 3, 11, 12 and 13 may only be relaxed by decision of a general committee meeting.


15. Display

15.1 A copy of the rules (and regulations governing play) shall be displayed in the pavilion and all members shall be deemed to be conversant with these rules.

16. Alteration of these Rules

16.1 These rules shall not be altered, except at a general meeting after due notice, and then only by a majority of two thirds of those present and voting.


17. Dissolution

17.1 The club shall be dissolved on the passing of a resolution to that effect at an extraordinary general meeting after due notice, and then only by a majority of two thirds of those present and voting. Such a general meeting shall appoint a committee to wind up the affairs of the club.


17.2 In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed among the Members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to one or more of the following approved sporting or charitable bodies :-

a) A registered charitable organisation(s)

b) Another Club which is a registered CASC

c) The sports national governing body for use by them for related community sports



18. Discipline


18.1 The Club and all members shall accept and shall be bound by the Rules and the Disciplinary Code (“the LTA Rules”) of the Lawn Tennis Association Ltd (“the LTA”) and the General Rules and Constitution (“the County Rules”) of the Kent County Lawn Tennis Association (“ the County ”)in force from time to time including amendments made hereafter, insofar as the same are relevant to the activities of the Club.

18.2 All unlicensed and unregistered coaches and all visitors to the Club for the purpose of playing tennis will be required to accept and be bound by the LTA Rules and the County Rules.

18.3 All members shall accept, and all persons mentioned in (2) above shall be required to accept, that the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall apply to the agreement between themselves and the Club, and that the LTA and the County may enforce any breach thereof, but only insofar as it relates to a breach of the LTA Rules or the County Rules.

18.4 The Club may terminate the membership of any member or impose any other sanction it deems appropriate in the event of any breach of the Rules of the Club or the LTA Rules or the County Rules.


Martin Dene Lawn Tennis Club

March 2012